Joe O’Connor is the owner of GetLIVIN, a health and fitness company based in Buffalo, New York. As a coach, consultant, and health and wellness enthusiast, Joe believes that fitness is a lifestyle focused on fun, teamwork, and motivation.

When it comes to fitness he believes in keeping it simple, always giving your best, and enjoying how you choose to move.

His favorite ways to train include HIIT workouts and group fitness because he loves the energy and connection that comes from leading or participating in a group workout.

In 2017, Joe started The GetLIVIN Foundation, which he created to help support youth health and fitness programs.

The 4 Pillars of GetLIVIN:

HEALTH – move & fuel your body daily

MINDSET – think positively & believe in your abilities

PASSION – find what you love & pursue it

INSPIRE – live your purpose & inspire others to live theirs